Month: March 2018

The Start Of Our Mindful Living Journey

Hello! Welcome to The Good Stewards!

If you just got here, you can take a look around and check our ABOUT section to know what this hole-in-the-wall website is all about. BUT, if you wish to know our story, stay, get comfortable, and we will tell you all about it.

The backstory

It all started with our desire to travel together. It was just one of those discussions we have while hanging out. But it wasn’t just purely about traveling, but also doing some sort of community service in the places that we would go.  With our limited skills in teaching and multimedia, both of us wanted to make a difference in the places that we would travel to.

It didn’t push through, sad to say.

That didn’t stop us from going around the province of Misamis Oriental, though most of it was purely for pleasure and relaxation.

Until that one trip we had to one of the marine protected areas in Tubajon, Laguindingan.

It wasn’t one of those dramatic turns in someone’s life, but after that trip, we realized how heavy a burden lies before us, in looking after our resources.

We have been gifted all these resources by God above, for us to enjoy, BUT ALSO, to take care of.

Sometimes, we forget the latter. Maybe, we are disillusioned that our resources will last forever?

We say we love our environment, but does our lifestyle really reflect that?

We realized that it’s easy to say we love our environment within the comforts of our current living conditions, but not quite understanding fully well what it all entails and what inconveniences we will experience, just to actively live a life that indeed looks after our environment.

That was the start, and from then on our discussions about this subject were getting frequent, and the burden gets heavier and heavier, that the only thing to do really is to take action.

Taking action

In a world where there’s so much negativity, so many complaints coupled with inaction and excuses, we want to assume responsibility, find solutions to our complaints and seek to make progress, no matter how small.

You can make excuses or you can make progress. – Brian Tracey

I remember a year or two ago before that epiphany, we discussed a few times how much trash was being accumulated in our city, and it was one of those conversations that make you wish to do something, but you don’t know what, or at a loss on where to start. We started talking about ideas on possible solutions, from sending the garbage to space (it’s crazy, I know) to everyone bringing their own containers and cutlery wherever they eat, to cut down on disposables (more practical, yes).

Fast forward to that realization we had, we started researching and joining groups and communities that advocate for waste management, sustainable lifestyle, and/or the zero-waste lifestyle. We also connected with friends and acquaintances who are supporting this cause as well.

Just from that, we already learned so much and was able to come up with a simple course of action, and a project that would somewhat document it.

And here we are. The Good Stewards was conceived out of that desire to embark on this journey.

But really, what we’ve learned so far, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And so, by going through this journey, we hope to (and we will) grow more in our desire to actively do something for our environment—growth in our knowledge about this subject and solutions to the issues we’re facing, and growth in our character as we strive to always choose progress in this new way of living.

Our thought process

In talking about how we were going to go about this lifestyle change, we wanted to go from the INSIDE and OUT.


We wanted to tap into our inner power/strength/abilities to achieve our goal in this journey. We believe we have it within each of us, but change is not going to happen overnight. We need to somehow support it so there’s something we can draw from to motivate us to keep going.

In our experience for the first few months, we went through these stages:

  • Opening our mind to what is happening around us.
  • Educating ourselves.
  • Applying what we learn.
  • Developing habits.
  • Change of mindset.

As our journey goes on here in The Good Stewards, we will be explaining and sharing what experiences we are gaining and learning through each of these stages.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi


If you’ve read our VISION here in The Good Stewards, ultimately, we want to forward all our learnings and experiences to the people in our sphere of influence.

We believe that as each one of them also forwards their learnings to others, we can create an impact in our individual spheres of influences, in our community, and then hopefully achieve a city, the Cagayan de Oro City, that works together towards sustainable and mindful living.

It seems big and daunting if you think about it, and IT IS, but, that’s why our focus will be towards the individuals in our sphere of influence and hope enough that they too, will catch on, and also spread what they have learned.

A few things that we have thought of that we can start with are the following:

  • Sharing our advocacy with our family and friends.
  • Starting community events (community clean-up drive, beach clean-up, tree-planting, enforcing waste segregation, conducting workshops, etc.) while
  • Working with passionate people who are engaged in programs and organization that are pro-environment, and sustainable.

Honestly, we are still struggling just thinking about how to do the last two items on that list, but, we are hopeful that we will meet the right people who we can work with as well to achieve those. We only need to start. (That’s what we are doing now. YAY)

Rest assured, we will keep on engaging with individuals who are also supporting this advocacy, continuing to learn from them and with them.

Final words

When we decided to finally put this out in public it scared us a bit, partly because, it would mean eyes will be on us. We might be evaluated and judged as to how faithful we will be in our advocacy.

And as I think more about this project, this journey, it dawns on me how scalable it can be, that it can potentially get bigger.

While we don’t want to focus on that, there is a possibility that it can happen, and it will be okay.

This is a journey after all.

We will celebrate every bit of success that we’re going to have, and, pick ourselves up and try again when we fail because there’s really no other way to go but forward.

What we have now, is not perfect but we want to put it out there instead of overthinking the entire thing and never be able to do it. 

By doing this project, it doesn’t mean we all have the answers or the solutions to all the issues that we are raising, but rather we believe and we want to see for ourselves that we are able to find them, and we can do it, and so, if we can do it, so can you.

We are by no means experts too, far, far from it, but we are more than willing to learn, so we will do our best in researching and engaging with people who know better, and learn from them. And as we do such, we will be able to connect more with individuals and organizations who share the same sentiments and passion towards our environment and create an even bigger impact in each of our communities.

I know there are many of them out there who share the same desire as us. And we believe that each one of them is doing the best they can, to the best of their abilities.

And, this here is our way of taking action, and in doing so, we hope that you will also be inspired to take action, no matter how small.

Small collective action still creates impact.

This is our braver goal for this year. 

And we hope you can follow and support us on this journey. 

Or better yet, JOIN US!

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